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Bloom & Grow developed out of my passion for seeing others flourish in their vocations. While studying psychology in graduate school it became evident to me that the careers we select have more of a profound impact on our lives than we realize. The right profession is a vital component of both mental health and quality of life.

Taking the first, second, or one-hundred-and-twentieth step toward fulfilling your vocational dream requires courage and resilience. Pursuing a vocational goal can at times be emotionally and financially difficult. I began Bloom & Grow Marketing to serve new and growing small businesses as they navigate forward in the marketplace.

For some new businesses our services can provide a customized logo pack to establish the company’s visual brand. For others, we provide new storefronts, and promote an open house. There are many ways to spruce up your business and let folks know that you are serious about serving their needs and providing quality goods and services. We are here to help you understand where you have room to grow as a company and to begin the process of moving you into the next season of your business, one that is more efficient, profitable, and successful. 

We not only offer design services for logos, brand building, and websites but also provide support for the businesses owners we serve. Sometimes what stops us from advancing is that we cannot see; our blindspots. We can help you learn from your errors, overcome challenges, and discover new technology to make your business run more efficiently.

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