Social Media

Social media marketing is vital in most industries.

Effective, frequent posting keeps your brand on the minds of potential customers.

Social media marketing increases potential customers’ awareness of your band,

creates traffic for your website, and builds brand loyalty. 


beautiful & frequent


interesting & eye-catching

Here’s Why It Matters

Small business owners who use social networking effectively are more successful and more profitable. Through frequent and visually stimulating posting, people will become familiar with your brand. When they are in need of a good or service you offer your brand will feel familiar. The more interaction consumers have with a brand, the more they trust that name.

Social Media provides a means of building brand loyalty and trust with the people who will patron your business.

We recommend a combination of Facebook Business Page, Instagram for your brand, and a Google Business Page. All of these social media platforms will drive traffic from interested patrons to your website and generate leads for your business.

It’s tough to know what to post, when to post, what hashtags to use, and how to curate your posts for each of the social media platforms. We both model and teach small business owners how to design your own social media marketing campaigns. If you just don’t want the hassle, you might be interested in our monthly subscription plans. These plans take the burden completely off of you and allow us to run your social marketing campaign for you.