When you started your business, you never imagined that becoming more profitable, well known, and well loved would be difficult. We all get into a routine with our businesses and want to enjoy the fruits of our labor while also enjoying the labor itself! When we grow our customer base and begin to increase profits, the unknowns of each step can be difficult. Luckily, none of us are alone. There are millions of small business owners who struggle with growing pains and there are a number of supports available for those of us who are entering this stage of change in our company’s trajectory. Here are a few helpful tips for navigating growth spurts and changes in your business.

  1. Stay calm. Enjoy the change. Everything is okay, in fact it’s better than okay. You are growing, which means your business model is working and you are going to benefit from the changes that are happening.

  2. Maximize the season of change and ride the wave! Use the momentum of change to make other minor or at times more major changes to get even more customers, workflow improvement, and profits.

  3. Remember your values. Stay true to your vision along the way, don’t lose yourself or your company.

  4. Be brave. Don’t shy away from innovation, new technology, and letting folks know what goods and services you are offering.